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Amazing puzzle, perfect in iPad Pro!

It is a really nice app but...

So, it is a really nice app to puzzle. But the thing I dont like is the really weak support for the iPad Pro 12 inch. I am not an iOS app developer but I dont have the original / normal keyboard from iOS in it. I mean okay, it is an original keyboard layout from iOS but for a little iPad. If you have to include the keyboard layouts into your app, please update your app with the keyboard from the iPad Pro and also the resolution, because it is just a zoomed version from the smaller iPad. If the app fits the iPad I definitely would give 5 Stars ***** So update the app and youll get the whole row of stars ;*

Lots of fun, but slow

I really like this puzzle app and havent done a real jigsaw puzzle since playing it. Unfortunately, since the last update, the startup loading of the app is extremely slow. Very frustrating, considering the "bug" has supposedly been fixed. And I would love to see an archival folder added to move puzzle sets into that have been completed. I have quite a collection by now and it takes up a lot of space having all of them on the top to scroll through. Or even the option to delete a set or puzzle if Im not interested in it. This app would get 5 stars from me if it was faster to load and the options I mentioned.

Great auntie

Yours is the best jigsaw puzzle site I have tried and I love your puzzles, but after your last update I cant get new puzzle packs to download and I really really want my free December pack! Help, please!

Please ZiMAD people, read and address!

I have complained about this before but I cant open any of my bought puzzle packs. They sit there and show as open but they wont open. I have followed the instructions in the menu but nothing changes. I have loads of coins but wont risk buying more packs just so I can lose them again! I feel robbed! Also, I find these December Bonus puzzles a rip off. First they show as free and then you charge a 100 coins for them. That is 3100 coins for the month! There is nothing giving about that and bonuses are supposed to be free! Arghhhhhh


Cependant je ne vois pas les 550 nouveaux niveaux de difficultés. But i dont see any other new level of difficulty 550 pieces its the max.

Magic puzzles

Just luv you. The pictures are amazing

Great puzzles, but the app has become a royal pain

Ive been using this app to do jigsaw puzzles for over a couple of years and its had its ups and downs. The last few updates have resulted in extremely slow load times on start up and even during puzzle completion the app will freeze for several seconds before further moves can be made. The latter is most likely to happen after another app interrupts, e.g. calendar reminder, etc. Oh, and dont forget the daily pop-up requesting an app review.

Magic Puzzles

Love jigsaw puzzles and this is better than the real thing

Love puzzles

Love doing the puzzles. Find it very relaxing. I play it on my iPad Pro. Would like it if there were more options to place more pieces. But overall very enjoyable

Magic Puzzles

Love this puzzling game! Its great fun with 100s of beautiful pictures

Great game

I love to do the magic puzzles, guess what it will be as I go along, passes the time for me

Love it!

Ive been enjoying this app for 4 or 5 yrs. I liked it then and I continue to enjoy it. Im not crazy about updates but I guess thatll never change if the app is trying to keep current. In the meantime I ignore the updates as soon as I can and just continue to enjoy doing the puzzles.

Great game

For some reason it takes two attempts before it will open. I installed a new update yesterday, so Im hoping that has fixed it. Dec 11, 2016 After the last update it will open on the first try, but it takes Avery long time

Bad customer service

I actually like the app but I hate their customer service. Last Christmas they had a Christmas song that I really liked and wanted to know the name of... i keep asking them the name of the song and they answer stuff like thank you for your feedback. Im not asking for the moon but they cant even answer that. Ive asked 3 tomes already and I keep getting ridiculous answers instead of the title of the bloody music piece. To me thats just bad service. I wish I had used Shazam on it but its too late.

Manic puzzles

I really look forward to the daily puzzle and find it very relaxing. Also like that I can create my own puzzles.

Just okay

Since the latest update it keeps crashing. I also hate being asked to rate it over and over again.

Great puzzles

This is a great group of puzzles!! Happy to have found your site!


Fantastic puzzle, well put together

Awesome images

I love the images that are used for the puzzles. There is something for everyone. I find that recently the app has been slow and twitchy. It uses a lot of battery power in a short period of time.

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